What is color temperature?

Color temperature is an indicator for the

coolness or warmth of the light source. The unit of the color temperature" K" refers to Kelvin (K), which range from 1000 to 10000.


The lower the color temperature a bulb has, the warmer it lights. To easier understand what color temperature of light you need, we list out some common color temperature that people will choose below: 

2700K – Warm White – similar to a sunset or candlelight

2700K is most commonly used in homes. It looks warm and cozy and inviting glow – similar to a sunset or candlelight.

3000K – Soft White - commonly used in kitchen and bathrooms

3000K provides warmth, but more clarity for completing tasks.

3500K – Neutral White - place need alertness like office spaces

3500K like the middle of the day” light, warm but promotes focused activities.


5000K – Bright White - hospitals & warehouses

Very bright white lighting for spaces need to perform tasks correctly.